5 Stars

Angelique Zantiotis

Thank you so much for all your help, we were so happy we picked Tim to be Angelique's Driving Instructor. Tim is a great teacher with a fun, happy, positive outlook, he is always there to assist his Students with those learning moments in a gentle manner.

Tim couldn't have been more helpful and knew just how to teach with an approach that helped Angelique not only learn how to drive, but also enjoy learning how to drive at the same time.

All the best Tim.
Angelique and Mari

5 Stars

Kaliana Sanders

Tim is an extremely patient and knowledgeable driving instructor. I had my first free keys2drive lesson with Tim and he taught me how to drive. Tim has a very bubbly and welcoming personality which made it so easy to learn as he always uses a calm tone of voice except when I almost crashed a couple of times. Even though I booked lessons and cancelled last minute, Tim never gave up on me! I find it incredible that he takes on so many students and still manages to remember what every learner needs to work on. I passed my test because I could apply Tim’s instructing and knowledge to my driving on test day. I highly recommend Tim to anyone who wants to pass because I only needed seven hours of lessons altogether.

Thank u so much TIM!!

5 Stars

Jackie Jesulga

In the last 10-11 months i had a few driving instructors. I went into around Brisbane but Briswide driving school , spec.TIM is the best driving instructor ever!

Very patient, soft spoken, very professional, on time and never ever yells!! Definitely NOT ripping you off!! Very much worth the price and pay!!

Tim gave me a self-confident and take away my doubts!!! I had my driving license with me for the past 5 years, keeping it for im fearful and nervous to go on the road!!

But with Tim in just few minutes from our first lesson he gave me the trust and confidence that i CAN do it!!!! Thank you so much TIM for your time and patience with me!!! I appreciate it so much!! God bless !! P.S. just had a take 1 exam.. and pass!! It's because I HAD THE BEST INSTRUCTOR EVER!!

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